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This economy got your accounts receivable up and your collections down? 

Wixom Law Office is here to help.  As a former debt collector from his college years and an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Rocky L. Wixom has the insight to aggressively handle your collection accounts.

We handle cases from the 10 day demand to obtaining the Judgment to performing debtor's exams and garnishing wages to attaching cars and boats and four wheelers or whatever else we can get access to.

Whether you are a "Mom & Pop" business with a handful of smaller unpaid accounts recievable that need a strong letter from a lawyer or aggressive legal action, or, if you are a full blown collection agency with multiple open accounts in need of a collection attorney who will work on a fair hourly rate or possible contingency Rocky Wixom is a collection attorney that can help.

Did you know that in Idaho you might be able to get what is called a "pre-judgment" writ of attachment?  This means in certain circumstances you might be able to attach property before you have even won your lawsuit! 
See Idaho's Statute on Attachment

Likewise if your debtor does not show up to his "debtor's exam"--(an in-court question and answer session where he or she must disclose information about their income and assets) you may be able to obtain a warrant for his or her arrest!

Call today to see how collection attorney Rocky Wixom can help you!

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