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Family Law 
When your children's welfare is on the line you need a divorce attorney who really understands what is at stake, click here.

As a father of five himself, Rocky is  Divorce lawyer that understands that your children's best interests and your right to parent are the number one concern.

Rocky handles divorces and custody cases throughout Eastern Idaho.  He handles both contested and uncontested cases.  With training as a family mediator he willingly works to resolve disputes in an uncontested manner.  However, when things can't be settled amicably, he is quick to put on his gloves and jump in the ring for his clients.  

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Family Law Professional Organizations & Training

Member of Idaho State Bar Family Law Section; Marie Meyer, Ed.D. Mediation, Facilitation, and Training - Restructuring Idaho Families Resolving Conflict through Mediation, August, 2000, Boise, ID; and Northwestern Institute for Dispute Resolution - Negotiation for Business and Contracts, May, 1998, Moscow, ID.

Bankruptcy Lawyer   
If your choosing between making token payments on a growing pile of bills and puting groceries on the table, its probably time for a fresh start, Click Here.

Rocky helps debtors find relief in the bankruptcy laws by putting an IMMEDIATE STOP to collection calls, garnishments, lawsuits and foreclosure.

As an Idaho Bankruptcy Lawyer Rocky primarily represents debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.  He understands that nobody wants to file for bankruptcy but in today's economy many people are left with no other practical option. 

Rocky has also helped folks who thought they needed to file bankruptcy find alternatives to filing.   

Recent Bankruptcy Training
Idaho State Bar- Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section and the Idaho Falls Bankruptcy Bar; Commercial Law League of America - Understanding the Radical Bankruptcy Code Changes, May, 2005, Telecast-Chicago, IL; ISB Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section - 2005 Revised Bankruptcy Code, September, 2005, Pocatello, ID; Idaho Falls Bankruptcy Bar (IFBB) - Ethics in Bankruptcy, April, 2006; IFBB - Early Payoff of Chapter 13 Plan,  June, 2006; IFBB - Reaffirmation Agreements, August, 2006; and IFBB - Effect of the Ride Through Option after the BAPCAP, November, 2006.

Click here to review the Federal Bankruptcy Code

Criminal Defense Attorney  
When your freedom is at stake having the RIGHT criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference, click here.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney Rocky understands witnesses can be seriously mistaken, some members of law enforcement are not always honest, and sometimes good people make poor decisions and can find themselves charged with a crime. If you are facing a criminal charge Rocky understands how scary/frustrating it is to face the system alone and he is willing to fight for you.

Rocky has handled literally hundreds and hundreds of criminal clients in misdemeanor and felony charges.  In doing so he has won NOT GUILTY jury verdicts, hung juries, or jury dismissals on various felony charges all across the gambit ranging from Forcible Rape to Felony Drug Possession to Kidnapping to Aggravated Battery to Aggravated Assault to Felony DUI to Delivery of a Controlled Substance* 

Rocky handles all misdemeanors and felony charges including assault, battery, domestic battery, aggravated battery, shoplifting, theft, burglary, DUI, drug possession, trafficking, statutory & forcible rape, and homicide.

*Of course every case is unique and the decision to go to trial or accept a plea agreement always need to be carefully considered with a criminal defense attorney.

Recent Criminal Defense Attorney Training
Member of NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers) since 2002; NACDL - Trying a Drug Case from Start to Finish, February, 2002, Miami, FL; NACDL - DWI Means Defending With Ingenuity, October, 2002, Las Vegas, NV; AZTLAN Counseling and Testing Services, P.A. - Dealing with Sex Offenders in the 21st Century, January, 2004,  Boise, ID; Federal Defenders of Eastern Washington and Idaho -Annual Western All-Star Conference and Confabulation: Trials and Tribulations, August, 2005, Boise, ID; The National Drug Court Institute - Adult Drug Court Planning Initiative Program, August, 2005, Traverse City, MI.


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